Camp Improvements


Woodleaf is currently in the process of the Next 50 Years Campaign.  If you would like to be a part of the process please contact Mike Curran by phone at 619-876-6845 or by email.


Camp Development Principles

After construction is complete, Young Life camps are financially self-sufficient. All operational expenses, maintenance, administrative costs and funded depreciation are paid from camp revenue generated by the camper fee. Only major capital projects require fundraising after the initial purchase or construction.
We only grow as thoughtful and generous gifts allow...
Young Life camps have a long-standing policy to first raise the funds and then to develop new projects, facilities and amenities. 
This is so the camp fee that summer and school season guests pay is minimized to reflect true operating costs. This practice also allows us to develop new projects to a standard of excellence.
If you are interested in further information or to make a contribution to the development of Woodleaf please contact Brad Law, Camp Manager, at 530-675-2252. 

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