EMT Intern

1. Report directly to the Guest Services Coordinator on any matters concerning organization and policy.
2. Work with camp physician/nurse/EMT to provide emergency first aid care, triage and stabilization, and infirmary care for guests and staff on the property.
1. As a Summer Intern you will be expected to abide by all the rules and expectations of a Summer Intern.
2. Always be on time and prepared for your job.
3. Present yourself in a pleasant and professional manner.
4. Exemplify the love of Christ and a servant attitude in how you treat campers, leaders, guests, staff, and each other.
5. Attend all scheduled and required meetings of the Summer Intern team.
6. Be a team player.
7. Follow the direction of your Property Staff Supervisor.
8. Be willing to participate in and contribute to the needs of the camp and program beyond your regular duties if requested.
9. You will receive one designated day off per week (may change from session to session).
The essential purpose of Young Life is to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ to young people. This is largely accomplished at Young Life camps through activities that illustrate certain aspects of Christ’s life and teachings. Each activity conducted by Young Life staff in the camp environment is intended to convey a specific message about Christ to young people, in a manner that is coordinated with other activities leading to a continual spiritual experience during the week.
The duties of the EMT/First Responder are an integral part of the spiritual program of the camp. The incumbent must be able to convey a sense of Christ-like hospitality and concern as he/she relates to campers, guests, and staff. He/she must minister to, direct and encourage campers, guests, and staff. This may include prayer, evangelistic outreach support to campers and guests, as directed by the assignment team, and discipleship with campers, guests, volunteer leaders and staff in a group, or one-on-one setting, as directed by the assignment team. This position is responsible to work with camp leadership and train and supervise staff as to the daily spiritual direction and/or program matrix of the camp facilities or program, and as to how to develop a plan or approach to describe to campers how EMT/First Responder challenges are directly related to faith issues. This position involves training and supervising staff regarding how to conduct themselves to exemplify a verbal and non-verbal presentation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ through words and actions. The incumbent must minister to and lead staff in their daily spiritual/Christian education through daily Bible study and devotions and other means. He/she must train staff regarding how to minister to guests and staff during the course of their duties and during non-working times.
The position ensures the safe and efficient operation of adventure activities by training and supervising staff, inspection elements and equipment, and monitoring operations. Must be personally qualified in the safe and efficient operation of adventure activities by training and supervising staff, inspecting elements and equipment, and monitoring operation. Must be personally qualified in the safe operation of all activities (to include direction of emergency procedures) and must train and supervise those who will be operating the activities.

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