Guest Services Intern

1. Serve as a summer host on a rotating basis with other guest service staff implementing and carrying out the summer host checklists. Attending to guests’ needs and coordinating the needs of field staff with property including meals, rides, and program events will be instrumental to this position.
2. Involved in pre-camp preparation (changeover) of summer guest groups with an emphasis on tasks to be accomplished before the new guest group arrives.
3. Assist program teams with equipment/prop development and placement.
4.  Help enhance and maintain Field Game, Water Olympic Carnival, and Tableau equipment.
5. Responsible for maintaining all Guest Services storage areas and prop rooms.
6. Be responsible for tasks that are needed such as manual labor, moving boxes, special maintenance projects, visitors’ tours, dorm/cabin checks, camp preparation and shutdown.
7. Be available for training in all disciplines of the Guest Services Department.
8. Check on Assigned staff and families living needs.
9. Help in the ropes course operation.
10. Any other duties assigned by Guest Services Department.
1. Report directly to the Guest Services Coordinator on any matters concerning organization and policy.
2. Work closely with the Program Directors.
1. As a Summer Intern you will be expected to abide by all the rules and expectations of a Summer Intern.
2. Always be on time and prepared for your job.
3. Present yourself in a pleasant and professional manner.
4. Exemplify the love of Christ and a servant attitude in how you treat campers, leaders, guests, staff, and each other.
5. Attend all scheduled and required meetings of the Summer Intern team.
6. Be a team player.
7. Follow the direction of your Property Staff Supervisor.
8. Be willing to participate in and contribute to the needs of the camp and program beyond your regular duties if requested.
9. You will receive one designated day off per week (may change from session to session).
Interpersonal Skills:
1. An acknowledged ability to work with Young Life property staff and field staff.
2. An ability to communicate hospitality and concern for all staff and guests of Woodleaf.
3. An ability to relate to all property and field staff in a professional way that enhances the total flow of the camp operation.
4. An ability to work with people and get to know them although many relationships that are transient in nature.
5. An ability to respond to urgent and unscheduled needs of guests.
Professional Skills: 
1. Ability to work with the public in ways that would enhance the guests’ experience with our organization.
2. Must have experience in organizing and supervising people and tasks.
3. Must have an open, positive, and approachable personality, which allows people to be comfortable within a short time line.
4. Must possess good communication skills, which encourage participation by others.

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