Woodleaf Rates

The prices for retreats vary.  The rate for a retreat depends on the total guests attending, number of meals served and how many night stayed.  For a customized quote, please contact us.

Exclusive Use
Exclusive use is available for any group that is able to bring 300 or more guests.  If you're close to 300, we'd love to partner with you to be able to get you exclusive use of the property.
Non-exclusive use allows smaller groups to use the Woodleaf property and allows us to keep the guest charges to a minimum.  Woodleaf has the capability of housing 450 people and we believe that every bed is an opportunity for someone to come on your retreat and learn more about Jesus. 
While sharing the property, typically the only time you'll share facilities will be during meal times.  The use of the Camp Store, Sugar Barrel, Gold Cup and Game Room will be shared among all groups.  Each group will have their own housing as well as their own meeting spaces.
Woodville / Wagon Train
Click Here for Woodville, Wagon Train pricing
Please contact us to get a quote for your retreat
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