Challenge Course Intern

1. Supervise all summer staff ropes wranglers.
2. Help maintain courses to insure safety.
3. Be a solid leader by exemplifying timeliness, obedience, patience, and service while encouraging summer staff in their daily routines.
4. Help train summer staff each new session.
5. Must inspect all climbing equipment daily and keep a record of use.
6. Responsible for first aid on courses.
7. Responsible for the safety of all those who participate in the ropes course elements.  Send and/or report all injuries to the Medical Team.
8. See to it that all work is done well and on time.
9. Responsible for the work and behavior of the Ropes Wranglers concerning their job. Maintain respect for your position and discipline when needed, but also make the job enjoyable.
10. Stay healthy – for your sake and for the sake of those with whom you work.
11. Be prepared to give the necessary ride information when needed.
12. Determine when to give Wranglers time off – encourage good sleeping habits.
13. Maintain healthy relationships between the Wranglers (Eph. 4:26,27).
14. Make sure all rides get started on time.
15. See to it that the elements and Wranglers are prepared for the day’s rides.
16. Supervise the rides and see to it that professional supervision is provided at all times.
17. Be able to delegate work duties in a loving manner.
18. Submit any maintenance needs at the Mayor’s Office on a “Do It Now” (DIN).
19. Always maintain a polite & courteous attitude with our guests, and make sure the Wranglers do the same.
1.  As a Summer Intern you will be expected to abide by all the rules and expectations of a    summer Intern.
2.  Always be on time and prepared for your job.
3.  Present yourself in a pleasant and professional manner.
4.  Exemplify the love of Christ and a servant attitude in how you treat campers, leaders, guests, staff, and each other
5.  Attend all scheduled and required meetings of the Summer Intern team.
6.  Be a team player.
7.  Follow the direction of your Property Staff Supervisor.
8.  Be willing to participate in and contribute to the needs of the camp and program beyond your regular duties if requested.
9.  You will receive one designated day off per week (may change from session to session).

Interpersonal Skills:
1. An acknowledged ability to work with Young Life property staff and field staff.
2. An ability to communicate hospitality and concern for all staff and guests of Woodleaf.
3. An ability to relate to all property and field staff in a professional way that enhances the total flow of the camp operation.
4. An ability to work with people and get to know them although many relationships are transient in nature.
5. An ability to respond to urgent and unscheduled needs of guests.
Professional Skills:
1. Ability to work with the public in ways that would enhance the guests’ experience with our organization.
2. Must have experience in organizing and supervising people and tasks.
3. Must have an open, positive, and approachable personality, which allows people to be comfortable within a short time line.
4. Must possess good communication skills, which encourage participation by others.

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