Water Front Intern

The Head Lifeguard must have the following valid certificates:
1. Senior Life Saving (WSI optional)
2. Basic First Aid (Multi Media)
3. Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation
4. Should have some experience as a lifeguard at a public or private swimming facility.  Additional knowledge of pool systems is valuable.

1. Be gracious and hospitable when dealing with our guests and other contacts of Woodleaf.
2. Respond to people in a timely and pleasant manner.
3. Provide leadership and set the pace for the pool and lake. Make wise decisions when you are called to.
4. Coordinate with the Program Directors on set-up for events that take place at the pool or lake.
5. Schedule the rotations of Summer Staff Lifeguards and Harbormasters.
6. Handle emergency situations when needed.
1. Report directly to the Guest Services Coordinator on any matters concerning organization and policy.
2. Provide clear communication between the Program Directors and your Summer Staff.
1. As a Summer Intern you will be expected to abide by all the rules and expectations of a Summer Intern.
2. Always be on time and prepared for your job.
3. Present yourself in a pleasant and professional manner.
4. Exemplify the love of Christ and a servant attitude in how you treat campers, leaders, guests, staff, and each other.
5. Attend all scheduled and required meetings of the Summer Intern team.
6. Be a team player.
7. Follow the direction of your Property Staff Supervisor.
8. Be willing to participate in and contribute to the needs of the camp and program beyond your regular duties if requested.
9. You will receive one designated day off per week (may change from session to session).

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